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Why Atoms?

BY ATOMS TEAM 08.07.20

Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali wanted to do more than sell sneakers, they set out to make the best everyday shoes—for you.
Why Atoms?
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Most people wear shoes every day, but many of us wear shoes that are bad for our feet. They’re sized incorrectly, they cause blisters, their shoe laces constantly become untied. Our bodies signal that our shoes are bad for us through foot, leg, and back pain. Sidra Qasim had the aha moment on a trip back to Pakistan. She noticed from living in San Franciso, a trip to Italy, and a visit to Pakistan that everybody gravitated towards sneakers for their daily shoes. That's when Qasim and her Atoms co-founder and husband Waqas Ali challenged themselves to create a sneaker so good for your feet, you’ll want to wear it every day.

“Everyone else is focused on making more and more shoes to sell them,” said Ali. “No one is focused on making the shoe better—we want to be that company, and do whatever it takes, going to an Atomic level.”

The pair looked back on their favorite things, products, and experiences for inspiration. “Some of our favorite things are products and experiences that we get to use everyday, we never get bored of them,” said Ali. They succeeded in creating a sneaker so simple and thoughtfully designed that you would want to wear it everyday. The result is Atoms.

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