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Atoms are shoes designed to be worn every day.

Precision fit, the best materials, lasting comfort, simple looks. Atoms are shoes perfected.


Atoms Everyday Mask

Soft and comfortable mask made from a blend of Polyester, Nylon and PU with copper fused thread.


Stretch Laces

Elastic laces mean you can tie your shoes once and they stayed tied for good. Atoms laces give you a classic look, while moving and stretching with your foot like no other laces can.

Everyday comfort

Atoms midsoles and outsoles are designed for everyday comfort, all day long. Our proprietary blend of EVA foam and blown rubber provides magical cushioning as you move through the day.


The perfect shoe deserves the perfect sock which is why we designed Atoms crew socks to deliver ultimate comfort when paired with our shoes.


We've dreamed up blue skies

Introducing the Atoms Model 000 in Tie-Dye Blue, made with a 100% recycled poly upper. On sale for a limited time from September 21 to 27.

Made to order$129learn more

Water Resistant Limited Edition

Every so often, we release a limited edition colorways and this time, they are water-resistant too.

Limited Edition

Every so often, we release a limited edition colorway exclusively for our members.

out of stock$169learn more
out of stock$169learn more