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You don’t see an everyday shoe like this every day

Atoms are designed for the way you live your life.

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We started Atoms with the simple desire to make a shoe you would want to wear everyday. Our journey began by asking a lot of questions: Why do shoes only come in whole and half sizes? Why do shoelaces keep coming untied? Why do shoes become less comfortable over time?

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Perfect Fit

Most people wear shoes that don’t fit right. That’s because fitting really hasn’t been a priority for most companies. Until now. Atoms are the first shoes to come in quarter sizes so you do not have to compromise with fit anymore.

If you are between a size 9 and 9.5 usually, your perfect fit might actually be a 9.25. We also allow our members to order different size shoe for each foot, because we are committed to fitting into your feet instead of trying to fit your feet into our shoes.

A whole new level of comfort

Atoms midsole is our proprietary foam that provides remarkable cushioning and responds to every movement of your feet. Throughout the day as your feet change, the midsole foam adapts to these changes.

The midsole is further reinforced with our non slippery rubber outsole that keeps Atoms light-weight, durable and comfortable.

Copper for a fresh feel

The Atoms insole is lined with copper yarn. As you move throughout the day, it actively kills bacteria, prevents odor and feels soft against your feet.

The shoelace reimagined

We designed one of a kind laces that stay tied and allow the shoes to be easily slipped on and off. You can thank us the next time you have to go through security at the airport.

Quarter Size Experience
Quarter Size Experience

Weaving magic

The upper on Atoms is made using our proprietary blend of TPU coated and polyester yarn, that is remarkably breathable, temperature resistant and versatile.

A Better Way

We are committed to making our shoes more sustainable.

We care deeply about how our products are made and how they impact the environment. While we still have a long way to go, we do not use any materials or chemicals that are harmful to the environment or people. During the dyeing process, our yarns are dyed without using water.

  • With handcrafted shoes, our defect rate is far below the industry average at 5%
  • We use carbon offsets on all shipments
  • By being 100% vegan, we create far less carbon emissions by using yarn than other animal derived products like wool
  • We use a water less dyeing process to eliminate toxic runoff
  • Our shoes are 99% recyclable and will create a trade in program soon to create a circular supply chain


“These might be the most thoughtfully designed sneakers ever.”

“Your secret-weapon sneaker may have just arrived.”


“Never realized my right foot is a 1/4 size bigger than my left.”

Obsessed with my new @WearAtoms! Never realized my right foot is a 1/4 size bigger than my left. Likely the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. 😍👟— MANNERSGEY

“Best walking 🚶🏼‍♀️ shoes ever!”

“I walked 36+ miles in my @WearAtoms and all I got was a hole in my sock. Best walking 🚶🏼‍♀️ shoes ever!”— BAJSHAGIRL

“I've never heard of quarter sizing. Interesting, Atoms”

“My parents were in the shoe business for a quarter century. I've never heard of quarter sizing. Interesting, Atoms @WearAtoms”— SOCIALNERDIA

“I’ve been wearing my @WearAtoms everyday since I got them”

“I’ve been wearing my @WearAtoms everyday since I got them last week. I’m a true 8.5, so I sent the quarter sizes back but they’re very comfortable. #wearatoms #atoms”— KAYRWEBB

“The rest of the shoe rack feeling neglected”

“Reaching for my @WearAtoms every morning now...the rest of the shoe rack feeling neglected.”— CLOCANDELA

“They fit like cozy slippers”

“Where the shoes really shine is in comfort. They fit like cozy slippers, but then stay snug on runs, long walks, steep climbs, etc. The sole padding feels amazing, and didn’t seem to compress at all over the week”— GRINER