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Atoms has no playbook, and we don’t intend to create one either.

We’re a team of inquisitive outsiders and creators who remove limitations from ourselves and others.

We value builders who don’t shy away from the weird, different, or challenging.

We hyper-fixate on experience and quality for our customers, our team, and our communities.  

We create things, we design things, and we try experiments that might fail. 

And we’re okay with that.

Through intentionality, we make the complex simple.

Through thoughtfulness, we create community. 

And through acceptance, we invite you to be your truest self and do your greatest work. 

Does this spark an interest and excitement in you? Great. 

Please introduce yourself.

Open Jobs

Paid Marketing Manager

Brooklyn, NY or Remote

Email & Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Brooklyn, NY or Remote

Still Interested?

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