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Working at Atoms is nothing like wearing Atoms

Atoms are simple.

Atoms are comfortable.

Sliding them on and wearing them all day couldn’t be easier.

Because Atoms are for everyone.

And working here is not.

Making shoes this simple is complicated.

Doing the job of two, four, or even a dozen people is uncomfortable.

Sweating every single detail is exhausting.

Working at Atoms might be the hardest job you’ve ever had.

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Well, if you won’t settle for mediocrity,

aren’t afraid to make every problem your problem,

aren’t intimidated by smart, brave, and relentless people,

are ready to meet your full potential,

and finally do the kind of work you’ve always dreamed of,

then feel free to fill out the form below.

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Brooklyn, NY

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If you are really interested in Atoms, and don’t see an open role that matches your profile, apply using the form here.