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Model 000

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This simple black-and-white sneaker features an antimicrobial copper lining, a cushioned insole, and an upper that adapts to your feet throughout the day. Its stretch laces mean that they only need to be tied once. Practical and comfortable, they make an ideal everyday shoe.

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  • High durability coated TPU yarn blend upper material.
  • Copper-lined insole.
  • Custom foam midsole.
  • Non-slip rubber outsole.
  • 100% Vegan


Atoms come with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This will cover material and workmanship flaws, but does not cover general wear and tear.

Care instructions

For the occasional cleaning, use a soft bristled brush along with your preferred cleaning solution. Once you are done let your Atoms air dry. 

For a deep clean, take the insoles out, keep the laces tied, add in shoe trees, put your Atoms in a linen bag or pillow case, and mix in towels or sheets to pad the washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. The midsole in our shoes is a custom foam that we developed to form to your feet for a personalized level of comfort. Heat will warp the size and shape of this foam so it must be washed in cold water. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. The midsole will distort its shape in the dryer so please let it air dry with inserts or shoe trees out of direct sunlight.

Antimicrobial copper insoles

Atoms insoles are lined with antimicrobial copper threads that kills bacteria and viruses. This helps eliminate feet odor and keep your feet safe from germs.

Shoes that fit both of your feet

You’re between a 10 and a 10 ½? Try on a 10 ¼. Atoms are the only shoes to come in quarter
sizes for each foot. Perfect fit means exceptional all day comfort and support for both of your feet.


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